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XFactor has arrived! Get ready to hear your favorite hard-hitting, ass-kicking tunes from the 80's through present! XFactor is comprised of some of the most talented musicians in the area, coming from the Chicago area's most well-known bands bands such as Hairbanger's Ball, Infinity and Backstage Pass. We are rockin' out some of your favorite tunes by artists such as Van Halen, Journey, Bon Jovi, Poison, Finger 11, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Metallica, AC/DC, to name only a few. Come on out and see us soon!

Taran De Pablos - Lead Vocals

Taran de Pablos was born in Spain, where he started fronting bands at the age of 15. He made the move to the US in '98, escaping murder charges. Ever since then, he has worked with several acts around the Midwest, including Skinwalker, NDX, Talman Project, and Adrenaline. Now he makes the Chicagoland his home, sleeping during the day and hunting at night for fresh blood. Quote: "I never was a big wanker."


Len Schillaci - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Since Len Schillaci's conception at Woodstock he was born to play guitar. Throughout his teenage years Len embarked on his mission of attempting to emulate some of his early influences such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and for some strange reason, even Tiny Tim. (Apparently, Len watched alot of TV back then.)

Soon after Len used his hard earned allowance to purchase ear plugs for Mom and Dad in order to keep from being shipped off to Military school. Leaving the schoolwork to those who were actually doing it, Len found found himself in his first original / cover band called "Outcry". After landing a gig at Stagg High Schools activity night, things would never be the same.

From that fately night forward Len knew he must Rock no matter what! Other projects followed, too many to mention. In the late 90's Len was proud to be a founding member of the Queensryche tribute band "Silent Lucidity". His next accomplishment was holding the record for the most years as lead guitarist of the cover band "Infinity", and what a time it was!

Len is honored to join forces with some amazingly talented musicians / friends and excited about playing their hearts out for you with "XFactor".





Jeff Malas - Bass Guitar / Vocals



Hugo Ayala - Drums / Vocals

Born to ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE & PARTY EVERYDAY, Hugo picked up drumsticks at 4 and never looked back! He FIGHTS FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY while he beats his drums until he's a BASKET CASE. DON'T STOP BELIEVING that he can GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME right IN THE MIDDLE of the INTERSTATE LOVE SONG. He's been caught SMOKIN IN THE BOYS ROOM with a few AMERICAN IDIOTs that made it easy to go their SEPERATE WAYS. Now he's here to CHECK MY BRAIN with a CLICK CLICK BOOM to the face and a PARALYZER to the groin!

'Nuff said!

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